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Legal Literacy Cell PGGC-46

The aim of Legal Literacy cell of PGGC-46 is to impart legal knowledge to its students. Being the part of the largest democracy, knowledge of law serves the people with the tool of power and self realization. Unless the people are aware of rights, they cannot live in consonance with the true dictates of democracy and rule of law. Legal rights broadly includes following

1. Fighting Injustice and Women Empowerment. Legal literacy programmes have been attributed for helping women to understand the link between their rights and other aspects of their lives and in demonstrating that cost-effective initiatives can be undertaken to help women obtain those rights.

2. Understanding the Scope of Rights and Challenging their Violations.  Article 39 A of the Constitution of India directs the State to provide free legal aid with the aid of suitable legislation or schemes. It is the awareness of rights and duties that makes the delivery of justice and balancing of various interests an easy task.

3. Transparency and Accountability in the Governance.  It is the awareness about rights, governance and state obligations that has contributed to the changed attitude of the masses resulting in demand for justice and accountability from the government.

4. Empowering the Poor. The legal system of a nation has a big share in empowerment of the poor people, as it confers upon them rights, powers and privileges along with a strong judicial system that can give effect to these legal entitlements. The object empowerment cannot see the light unless, the target group (here the poor) are made aware of their entitlements in a legal system.

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